Monday, September 26, 2011

A Little History

So many new projects...sometimes it's nice to take a break and talk about something with a little history. This post's vintage quilt (owned by Laurie Bingham, a Two Thimbles customer) features poison green and double pink, in a two-color style that is very striking. Unfortunately, our photos have washed the colors out and changed their intensity. So a little imagination, please! The pattern features (9) 7" blocks which are combined into a larger block of 4 T's, attached at their bases and pointing outwards. Interestingly, only three sides of this project have a border. One unusual feature is that it was hand quilted with two different colors of thread, not a common occurrence in older quilts. The maker is unknown, and it was purchased here in Washington.

Pictured below are several angles of the quilt, giving you an idea of the intricacy of the hand quilting and the formatting of the T pattern. What a many hours of quilting would you guess?

Happy Stitching!

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