Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Civil War Sampler Challenge

Sewing school is back in session! With summer starting to fade, we thought this would be a great time to introduce our latest program. It's a Civil War Sampler Challenge, and we're doing it a bit differently than a traditional block of the month. The concept is to make-do with fabrics at hand, and challenge yourself to use colors and patterns that you normally wouldn't, other words, embrace scrappiness! 

We'll begin the program in September. Come in and purchase a pattern (we're using Carol's Sampler from Carol Hopkins Designs) along with a starter kit, which contains enough material for four blocks. Complete your 'assignment' over the next month, bring them in for show and tell or email us a photo...and receive your next kit free! Each kit contains fabric for four blocks, and the first part of this program runs through January...which means a total of 20 completed blocks, all for the cost of the first kit as long as you complete each set of blocks by the deadline (the fifteenth of the following month). If you miss a deadline, you can pay a fee to get caught up. The first deadline is the 15th of October. 

Then you'll have all of February and half of March to complete your project, using whatever fabrics you wish. Drop off your completed quilt by March 15th, and we'll begin a mini quilt show on March 20th, displaying quilts through the Tri-County Quilt Tour at the end of March. There will even be a couple of prizes for viewers' favorites!

Pictured below are some scrappy blocks from various projects...sometimes its worth taking a risk and putting together startling combinations, just to see what you can come up with!

The goal of this program is to challenge yourself- to use scraps, to stretch your limits in fabric selection, and to work on any technical skills that you may be struggling with (piecing accuracy with small pieces, for example). In the end you'll get to show off your work, and you'll be in the running for a prize...what beats that??

Contact us for more information- you can even participate through the mail with an additional fee for shipping, let us know if that's your preference and we'll work out the cost. 

This would be a great and affordable way to get back into sewing...after the long break of summer!

Just a reminder...we are back to being open 7 days a week!  We'll be open on Sundays from 12-4 through the fall and winter, beginning this Sunday, Sep 2nd. Just in case you are hard at work finishing a project and need some thread or fabric last minute...

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Oh geez Lee, I think I like the sounds of this..count me in! Sounds like great fun.