Monday, January 7, 2013

Warming up to January

Calendars have been refreshed and daily schedules are settling back to 'normal', which may mean more or less quilting time for some of us, but I am happy to have the New Year underway....lots of goals to be more organized, plan ahead, have more time to sew, etc.  Sound familiar?!

Here is our 'pincushion' for January.  It is a wool needle case and I can't claim much creativity on this one as I pretty much liked it as designed (by Crabapple Hill  It has a great vintage pearl button combined with a few beads and stitchery to add some fun.  We are delayed with our pattern shipment, so don't rush in and we'll have them next week!!  (Or, we can reserve one for you too just send us a quick email).    We plan to offer a kit with all the trimmings or the pattern alone.
Janette Needlecase
We are busy restocking shelves and making Christmas disappear - but wow do we have lots of red and white and hearts all over!  Not to mention some great new brights; orange, gold...royal blue and kelly green...a few kids prints - Les Amis by Michael Miller and a fun whale and fishing boat print.  I have some new candy too, in case you're thinking of your stitching sweetheart already - beautiful french needle sampler packs and thread cards by Sajou.  These are a treat!

25th Anniversary Judie Rothermel 
And the latest civil war reproductions, a few odds and ends from the Tavern Collection by Paula Barnes, and ten bolts from the Judie Rothermel 25th anniversary collection (26 pieces in all).  

Enjoy the rain and finish a project or two, then stop by and stock up on some of latest treasures... 

P.S.  We have seen our first completed Civil War Sampler pressure, you've got til March to get those quilts all finished! 

Happy Stitching

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