Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guest Post #1

Here is a great easy inspirational project...customer ideas help keep us motivated and we love it when something comes together as if there was a master plan!  Here is our first guest post by customer Linda... 

Musings from the quilt room...........Ever had to make a quilt that was out of your comfort zone and out of your age zone?  I recently had to make a very modern, hip, quilt for a young woman who lives next door to me and is graduating from high school this week.  I have been teaching her younger sister to sew for the past year and thankfully, she had some ideas about what our young grad might like.  I gave her free run of the over the top stash and she chose an old pile of “impossible” fat quarters well past their "use by" date.  Working together, we just made up this black and multicolored quilt as we went along.  We had a wonderful time and were rather excited about the results. 

Two Thimbles really hit the mark with the quilting and the multicolored binding really framed the whole thing nicely.  Making the border from fat quarters was a bit annoying but a good teaching moment for a young quilter.  All in all I think my aspiring young quilt-maker friend and I are really pleased with the result and what fun we had.  Maybe some more of those “impossible” fabrics will find a home soon.  Happy quilting and teach someone young to sew if you have a chance, it will give you a whole new outlook.  Oh yes, Happy Graduation Anya,  hope you love this Jazzy quilt.


Before Binding

Thanks for sharing your story!  We appreciate your patronage and enjoy your inspiring projects!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Great job...good use of those fats..bet you had fun jumping of the box!

  2. lovely quilt and story...thx for sharing!