Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Something for everyone?

We have the latest copies of Primitive Quilts and Modern Patchwork in stock...and you can see from the cover photos, that these two magazines certainly cover both sides of our store!

And we'll get some additional pictures added to the blog soon - but you'll want to stop by this month and visit our little customer quilt show - we have 18 little quilts, all variations in scrappiness....everyone started with the great pattern from Quilts Remembered and we ended up with a wall full of quilts!!  Thank-you to everyone who participated and has been so gracious to loan us their quilt.  They are quite inspiring to see all gathered together.  

Here is the sample version that Leslie whipped up to get everyone inspired to start this project.  

Laura's 1870 Cradle Quilt 2T version

And to start off November...our little pincushion is a fabulous wool bead with an acorn top, sitting on a brown velvet patty.  We have a little kit of components all ready to take home if you want to craft one for yourself!  We are adding some fun wools and should have a new thread rack in by the end of the month so watch for more fun with textures and fibers of all types.  

Acorn Patty pincushion

Happy Stitching - fall is here!!

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  1. Thank you for all of the fun challenges you present to us.
    This one was a lot of fun and so happy I joined up. Really neat seeing them all displayed.