Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toile Challenge projects

I hope you are wrapping up your toile challenge project and getting ready to see some interesting and unexpected entries from your fellow stitchers....we have ours done and on display.  I had a little help and had some hand quilting added to our sample.  My mom had this turned around in no time!  We're going to make some fabric bundles that feature some of these fabrics if you like the color palette,  so check for those next time you stop by.  

Baby Quilt from Kimsquiltingstudio 
We have added a couple of additional toile projects for inspiration - there are so many possibilities you can keep it simple with just a few fabrics, or add a bunch and go scrappy.  I hope you'll make time to create something unique and send all your friends down to pack the ballot box next month!

Toile Tote Available on Etsy
Here is our latest toile arrival - this isn't one we featured for the challenge, but it sure would be a fun project starter.
Washington State Toile from Clothworks
The entry deadline is April 27th...and more details if you need a refresher are posted on our website.


Happy stitching!


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  2. I love that red toile in the center of your little quilt. The baby quilt is very classy and so beautiful. I better get me some of that Washington State Toile...it is fabulous.
    Thanks so much for sharing.