Thursday, October 1, 2015

SUPER SALE and Alice Challenge


TWO days only!  
Friday October 2nd and Saturday October 3rd, 10am-6pm  

Just a couple of weeks ago it was branches and leaves outside the shop....doing a little after the windstorm clean-up.  Now's the time to do some clean-up inside!  

We've got some great deals on selected bolts of fabric!  AND, If you clean-up the bolt, you'll save even more!  We're finding some buried treasures we forgot we had packed away and some retired store samples to add to the mix ~  don't miss your chance on some great savings!  

Join the Alice celebration! 

Here's your chance to recreate a favorite memory from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!  The novel, written by Lewis Carroll in 1865 is marking 150 years in print ~ that's pretty remarkable don't you think?!   To participate, pop in to the shop, pick up 2 fat quarters, pay the $6.00 fee and go home and dream up something fabulous!  The details are up to required fabric, one of your choice from the Alice in Wonderland collection from Windham Fabrics and it's all your imagination from there.  Have some fun creating and we'll plan the tea party...turn in date is December 1st to have items displayed in the shop!

Contact us via email or at the shop for more information. 

Happy Fall!

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