Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Delilah TOM Program is underway!

We have filled all our spots in the Delilah Template of the Month (TOM) program - so now we can focus on getting some blocks done!  This is a scrappy quilt - and some of the blocks are taking ALOT of different fabrics.  Of course, you could repeat fabrics - but we are firm believers that more fabric is better!  Here is our version of month 2 blocks!

And we've got some variety to showcase from some of our participants - Jan went to the dark side with her version and the saturated jewel tones she included really put the emphasis on the geometric shapes don't you think?  

And a collection of Carolyn Friedlander fabrics is getting a workout with these blocks Kami stitched up!

Barbara has been waiting for a reason to dip into her stash of polka dots - and it looks like she has quite the range of colors and sizes of dots to keep this interesting.   

It's going to be fun to see these develop over the course of the year - we'll be showing our blocks off periodically and we'll include some of the variations our customers are creating too so watch for Delilah updates!  

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