Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New For the Stash!

Look at this glitzy cork fabric - it makes a great accent for a zipper pouch or bag! 

And to contrast with our gray skies - we have some bold prints from Freespirit Fabrics - a mixture of Philip Jacobs, Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mabley prints.  

We also have added some gorgeous new lawns, knits, denims and a few rayon prints as well.  These are great for wearables and the knits are fun additions for leggings, fingerless gloves & hats so you can mix and match your project choices.  The extra width for alot of these substrates also means a backing fabric that is soft and just wide enough you may not have to piece it.  Super soft and extra touchable - a knit swaddling blanket for a baby or a quilt backing of cotton lawn. 

We also have vinyl fuse - the easy way to add a waterproof finish to create your own laminate - perfect to line a cosmetic bag or lunch bag but still use your favorite fabric! 

A couple of new collections - this one from Moda, Hushabye includes a few brushed cotton prints and charm squares and the woodsy creatures are super cute!  This is a special one so you may want to stock up for when the time is right. 

Some bright and wild motifs on this collection "Neptune and the Mermaid" - these are unique prints and offer some great fussy cutting potential. 

And a bit calmer palette - but still an amazing range of colors that can be enhanced with pops of teal, ochre and aqua....this would be a great combination for table toppers that add color without dictating a particular style with specific motifs. 

Lots of great fabrics to get your projects off to a great start!

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