Monday, January 13, 2020

Hand Piecing Basics Class

We've got another skill-building class on the books - it seems like quilter's are finding more time away from their sewing machines whether traveling, or at home and on the go or at home in the midst of activity and conversation - and a bit of hand-stitching fits the situation best.  Here's one more way to keep your projects in process when you're away from the sewing machine!

Hand Piecing Basics with Sharon Tucker
Looking to expand your sewing techniques?  Join Sharon Tucker of Grass Roots Quilting to learn about hand piecing!  This is a hands-on, technique-based class where you can learn a new skill or refine you hand sewing technique.  She will give you plenty of time to practice your stitches and guide you on the basics of hand stitching. It's a great skill to learn that you can take with you anywhere! Hand piecing is a portable and travel-friendly option to keep you stitching on the go.

You will also learn about preparing templates, marking your fabric, and starting and stopping your seams.  This class will also cover some more advanced tips and tricks for curved piecing, inset seams and how to manage bulky points.  This is a two-session class and a starter kit for the first session is included in the class fee.  A great way to add to your quilting bag of tricksLearn more here.

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