Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 Little Quilts, 10 Big Years

It takes a village may just be our theme song of late!  Although some of this effort was underway months ago, all the moving parts just didn't come together until now - so here it is with an extra drumroll for teamwork!

Alot of people contributed in various ways to our Little Quilt effort this year - we have a multi-talented college student employee with the skills to create our special pattern cover, and we had some expert sewing and consulting help from our shop team including those who come out of retirement, leave children unattended, and volunteer their time to help out in ways they don't even realize to help get the job done!  Thanks to ALL of our customers, employees (former employees too!), friends and family who have contributed to making our 10 Big Years all that they have been!

We've got five special little quilts - all sourced from vintage quilt images on Pinterest - you can check out our Pinterest board for the original inspiration projects here:

It was fun to look for similar current fabrics to feature in these projects and also create our own spin where we wanted to.  We have some of the feature fabrics bundled as fat quarters and also a great instruction booklet that includes all 5 quilts.  These will be posted on the website soon.

Hope you have a chance to stop in and see the quilts, we had a great show and share with customer quilts added to our classroom wall for admiration earlier this week and we do appreciate seeing all the creativity!  Thank-you for a great 10 years!


  1. Congratulations, Lee on 10 great years! Here's to many more future years!

  2. Congratulations and thank you for always having the best of 1800's!! Your little quilts are amazing. Looking forward to 10 more!