Monday, July 10, 2017

New Treasures!

Summer has arrived, and we have some HOT new fabrics!  These are the latest additions to the growing collection of Australian prints.  We've seen a few projects completed by customers using these distinctive prints and they are all spectacular.  We've incorporated a few of the softer color options into our Delilah WIP and we've seen some used in English paper piecing projects too.  

We've added a few bold and bright batik prints onto the shelves as well.  

And not to be outdone on the color spectrum - these latest digital prints are so photo realistic, you have to touch the fabric to be sure that isn't a fresh bouquet and water drops.

Some additions to the 1800's reproductions as well - these are all from Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics - and the colors are just a bit off here so although it is a saturated purple with some strong color, it's not the neon shown!  We still aren't photographers....but we're working on it!   

July is zooming by and we have not got a plan together yet for our Holiday fabrics - they are starting to arrive and should be out on the shelves somewhere in the next couple of weeks.  Do you have plans to make some holiday quilts?  For yourself or as gifts?  We need some inspiration so tell us about what you have planned!

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  1. Those are some very unique fabrics Lee. Thank you for sharing.