Monday, September 9, 2019

Handwork and wool applique

Fall weather is sneaking up on us, and with it getting dark earlier and it just seems right to spend a bit more time stitching by hand and adding a bit of wool to the mix.  Here are some of our latest wool and hand stitching projects. 
Winter Bushel pattern by Tracy Souza from Plum Cute Designs
Winter Bushel is a beautiful stitching pattern created by Tracy Souza. Her work was recently featured on Martingale's Shop Talk Blog. They shared a video with tips on how to eliminate knots in the back of your embroidery. Take a look here!  Thank you Karla for helping get our sample made...this makes a fun bag to hang on the porch or door, filled with greens fresh or faux! 

Wool Barn, pattern by Sew Cherished

Sew Cherished has created several patterns combing wool and stitching - these metal trays are fun to display these oval mats, of course on the wall or a table surface works too.  Adventuring into wool appliqué is always a great project to work on in the fall and perfect as a travel project you can prep in advance. We stock patterns and a selection of wool and brushed cotton for this project style.  Thanks Deana for the fine craftsmanship on this sample! 

Stacy Nash's Primitive Designs 
We've added a few cross-stitch patterns to our collection.  These are from Stacy Nash's Primitive Design - some special designs for those who love cross-stitch.  Nash is a self-taught stitcher who makes her own designs, based out of Indianapolis.  We couldn't pass up these lovely pure beeswax "waxers".  Beeswax is a great way to keep thread from tangling up and ends from fraying during your stitching. 
Stacy Nash's Pure Beeswax
Stop by soon and see what's new!

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