Friday, September 6, 2019

We Love this! Storing Quilts

Image owned by Krista Moser

Krista Moser, fellow Washingtonian and super quilter, has a blog filled with interesting tips, ideas and tutorials - not to mention a packed teaching schedule!  We've been fortunate and had a few classes here at Two Thimbles with Krista - now she teaches on cruise ships!  We really appreciated the great ideas she recently shared on one of her posts - all about the best ways to store quilts. 

A few take aways:   
  • Wrap your quilt around a pool noodle to avoid permanent creases for long-term storage
  • Quilt ladder: using a wooden ladder to drape quilts on optimizes storage space and allows for your quilts to still be appreciated
  • Hang them! Let everyone view and appreciate the hard work that quilt took to make
  • Put that guest bed to work!   It's not just for company anymore...
To read all her tips you can read her full blog post here.

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