Monday, March 23, 2020

Mask Drop-Off Today Monday 3/23

If you have masks ready to drop today, please do so...the Drop-off Bin is out until 4pm....I believe our time is limited to be out and about, so watch for updates here if we have to make a new plan!!

Our first delivery of a few dozen went out yesterday...thank you SEW much!

Stay Home except to drop-off masks!

St Joeseph's staff has updated me with some feedback on our first delivery...first off 
They are going to need more and a lot of them as all staff is now wearing masks...all day.  

  • Ties are fine, elastic is not required!
  • Leaving that pocket opening is best - they are going to have filter inserts
  • A pipe cleaner, or other wire insert at the top edge really makes the difference - if you can do this please do add that feature.  
  • If you can add that 3rd layer - interfacing or densely woven material.
  • I've updated my original post with some more specific tutorials that meet this criteria.  
Offer a mask to your grocery store clerk, your USPS delivery person...these are better than nothing and won't hurt anyone!

If you need a batik fabric and interfacing set up for making these, phone us and leave a message!!
360 715 1629

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