Friday, March 20, 2020

The New Normal Day 2

Get your pre-cuts!!  Get your pre-cuts!  Sounds like something you'd hear at the ball field right?  Except you're home, sequestered in your sewing space with any luck!

We found this versatile pattern for pre-cuts from the Moda bakeshop and it's a perfect go-to pattern as it includes multiple size options for ten-inch, five-inch and 2.5-inch precuts!  Just add some yardage of a background or neutral that will show off your pre-cuts.  Of course - if you really are home alone with your stash, you could make your own precuts too.

If you want a big quilt...start with ten-inch squares (aka layer cake)....Here are a few of our ten-inch square options currently in stock.

Midsommar designed by Pippa Shaw for FIGO

Ten-inch Squares

Another option for precuts shown in the photo above is to use foundation paper and then you can create a variety of block layouts.  We've got foundation papers for cake mix and cupcake mix - that means ten-inch and five-inch squares in fabric lingo.

Let the sewing begin!

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