Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Tables

Are you getting ready for a holiday feast? We have great options for table settings and these can double as gifts to give or consider using some fun fabric for decorating not just creating a quilt. We may even have the beginnings of a little something to take my focus off all the pumpkin making we did over the last few weeks! No, it has nothing to do with chocolate, although we've certainly made a dent in the Halloween treats...hmmm. Holiday baking anyone?

We've got new fabrics, batiks, Maison de Garance, Lily and items for quilters (calendars, books, jelly rolls, pin cushion kits)....and some quick projects to make for gifts for others or a treat for yourself. Stop by and get inspired to create something for the season!

Hope your holiday is warm and safe...happy stitching!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's been so long...

since my last post...
So much for having goals, deadlines, reminders and to-do lists...eventually, some of it does get accomplished but it seems more by chance than well orchestrated plan most of the time!

Here is a variety of photos to ponder...evidence of recent quilt classes held at the store and other goings on. We had a group of friends in for the Storm at Sea class taught by Peggy Gelbrich and they were working with lots of different color combinations ranging from tropical storms to traditional nor'westers! As a couple of these photos hint some people tend to be more organized than others, but a little sugar usually helps get another seam or two accomplished!

And here is another take on a quilt collage - built from amazing fall foliage from the garden...happy stitching!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November arrives!

After a mild or do I mean wild night of Trick-or-Treating...November has arrived with wind, and rain and more rain and yes, I think fall is here to stay. No excuses about needing to garden now, it is full on sew time!

I've called it quits a few times, but cannot seem to make it stick. I keep seeing fabrics with a whole new purpose in mind as I envision the next perfect pumpkin. So I give in...just a few more pumpkins for the harvest season? Thanksgiving table decoration or hostess gift? I'm thinking Fab-u-lous!

So we're on a roll and created these little acorn pin cushions for our November pincushion to treasure. They are perfect for your needles - or just a small travel pincushion. We used real acorn caps and these are just pretty darn cute no matter how many you make!

Take a moment and catch your breath...and stitch up something fun!