Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whats New?

Here is what a few of our customers have been up to!

Oh - this is a beauty - I can't believe she really fussy cut ALL those little squares...but so worth it don't you think?  

Lucy Boston by Evelyn
So - you know the pies and tarts WIP on the wall in the class room???'s still there.  It is slowly growing, in fits and starts I think but drum roll is a quilted, bound and Ta Dah finish of one - pretty spectacular!

Pies and Tarts by Evelyn
And here is  a bright finish for Janet - super fun version of the Gypsy Wife quilt.  Great job, and perfect binding finish!
Janet Starr Gypsy Wife Jen Kingwell pattern
This beauty came back from Laurie's quilter and it is special!  Laurie did an impressive job tackling the details in this quilt and a fine finish for sure.

Laurie Bingham
Carolyn Konig Pattern 

So even though my projects seem to be taking longer and longer to finish - seeing all these wonderful quilts coming together is a pretty good alternative!  Thank-you for sharing your projects and enjoying the process!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Garden Delights

We couldn't choose just a few so we got all of them!  These lovely spring florals are designed by Gray Sky Studio for In the Beginning Fabrics. The prints are very Liberty of Londonesque - however the fabric is regular weight cotton and you don't have to travel to the UK to get your hands on them!

We currently have 2.5 inch strip rolls in stock - and there are so many great projects featured in the book, that we might have to try more than one project!

Here are all the sku's:

Remember this fun project below from a while back?  Simple floral squares and a chambray sashing - these Garden Delights florals would pair up beautifully with some of the essex linen or peppered cottons we have in stock.  I really want to get a picnic quilt stitched up - I think I have time before our summer weather arrives?!  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Year of the Rooster

Only a few weeks until the Year of the Rooster challenge quilts are due!  We can't wait to see everyone's creative interpretations.

If you are interested in sharing your quilt for our display at the shop AND at the My Garden Nursery Quilt Show 2017,  please plan to drop your project off by the end of the day Saturday April 8th.  If you would like to mail your project in, we'd love to have it on display - please plan to provide return shipping instructions!

If you aren't in the area but would still like to share your project with us - please send us a photo - and provide the information listed below (as applicable) and we'll post it here on the blog!

Here's what we'd like to share about your project, so if you plan to bring in your quilt or share a photo, please provide any or all of the details below, as applicable.


These quilts will  be displayed over Easter weekend at My Garden Nursery, and during the rest of the month in the classroom here at the shop!

In addition to the Rooster challenge quilts - we hope we'll see lots of great quilts from the community at the upcoming show - it's not too late to participate.  

Call for Quilts 
My Garden Nursery will be hosting their first Quilt Show "Quilts in the Garden"  
The event will take place Easter weekend! 
If you are interested, please turn quilts into 
My garden Nursery by Monday April 10th 2017

If you have any questions please contact Antoni (360)214-1239

Friday, March 10, 2017

Packed to the Roof!

We are about out of shelfspace I think with these latest deliveries, but when spring hits we want to be ready with some fun florals and fresh colors.  Are you ready to see some signs of springtime?!

Friedlander by Robert Kaufman

Liberty Garden by Benartex Fabrics

Maker Maker by Andover fabric

Poetry Wovens and Prints by 3 Sisters for Moda

Raspberry and Cream by Marsha McCloskey

Tea Time by Iron Orchid for Clothworks
I hope you're working on your Year of the Rooster challenge project - we'll be showing of our long distance participants here so watch for more soon...and we'd love to see a collection in the upcoming quilt show at My Garden Nursery and we'll display them here at the shop too!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

English Paper Piecing

Have you got spring fever?  Ready for some color in your world and a new sewing skill?  Jane is teaching an introductory class to english paper piecing and she has certainly got plenty of tips and experience to share.  Jane has completed several quilts with a variety of shapes and has really worked to refine the process to help ensure fabulous results.  There is no end to the design options and paper piecing shapes that have come on the heels of the La Passcagalia Millefiori craze.  This little quilt of Jane's, below, is perfect for an early spring - it features some glorious peppered cottons and 1/2 inch hexagon shapes!  Not your Grandma's flower garden for sure. This is the last chance to sign up - we hope you can make the date, because once you get a taste of EPP, you'll be hooked!

Friday, March 10th 10am - 12pm

Sign Up

And if you're looking for some bright color to combat the winter blues - these ombres might just do the trick?!
Gelato Ombre Elite fabrics
Boho Fusion Floral

Mixed Bag
Lots more fun stuff coming in - we have some coated laminates in neutral dots and fun geometrics for a change and a few new knits as well.  The Delilah TOM program is underway so we'll be getting some blocks up on the wall soon...what are you working on in between the snowstorms?!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Scissors Sharp?

First Friday reminder!!!  

Scissors Sharpening Service

Drop off your scissors by Friday (First Friday of the Month...that means March 3rd!) and you'll have them back and ready for cutting on the following Wednesday!

Do you love vintage bark cloth?  These gorgeous fabrics are inspired by the barkcloth of the 1940's and 1950's - each detail was considered carefully in creating this range with an authentic and vintage voice.  Cathi Bessell-Browne, better known as Gertrudemade has been working with vintage barkcloth creating fabulous 'frocks' in the Australian outback - this is her debut line Outback Wife.  These are handprinted floral designs printed on an exclusive cotton barkcloth base - extra wide at 60inches, and 100% cotton.  This is a gorgeous weight fabric, perfect for wearables, pillows and bags or ...quilts.  Lovely with denims and chambrays and there are a couple of yarn dyed plaids that mix in fabulously.  We are so pleased to carry these and look forward to Cathi's next release.

Outback Wife

YarnDyed Plaids Outback Wife
Spring is surely coming and this wool appliqué project from our local designer Suz is perfect to keep you busy stitching until Easter!  We have a few wool fabric packets and the applique pattern available!  This version has a few floral cotton prints added to frame the stitchery and it would sure be a fun piece to frame up and display!  

Rosalie Rabbit applique approx. 9x10

And perhaps more appropriate for this winter weather we've been having - the wooly block pattern and wool appliqué kits are available for sale now as well.  You can find it on the website or stop by the shop and pick one up if you missed your chance during the Wooly Block event.  

Wooly Block pattern designed by Suz Litzsinger

Yep, another snow day here in the great Pacific Northwest!

February 28th 2017