Monday, April 30, 2012


Time flies and then's our 5 Year Anniversary!  
We're celebrating by having a SALE...this weekend! 
Details below...hopefully you can join us! 

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prairie Women Catch-Up

As promised... here is what the Prairie Women, who meet every third Tuesday, have been working on since the beginning of the year! It's been fun to see the progress that everyone has made on their projects.. and the variations that some participants have chosen. Pictured below are Pam Buda's versions of the projects (Pam is the creator of the program and her business, Heartspun Quilts).

Some of our store samples were made in color and fabric choice similar to Pam's; others took a different spin. Here are our versions. Enjoy!

Month 1: Contrary Wife. There is also an option to create a larger version of this quilt, as well as a non-applique version. Ok - this photo is really about the sunshine - we were lucky that day!

Month 2: Windy Hill Farm. For another look- this quilt could be really striking using bright solids.

Month 3: Lockridge Mill. This turned out to be the perfect project for that sashing fabric...

Month 4: A Light in the Window. These were definitely some tiny pieces...but rust and yellow is always a great color combination.

There are two more months in the program; and some room in the afternoon session if you are inspired and would like to catch up. We also have the pattern set available for purchase separately, if Tuesdays aren't a good day for you. Something to think about...

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Between Projects

We have wrapped up the Tri-County Quilt Tour although we still have our quilt on display for anyone who missed the chance to participate...and we're starting several projects and finishing a few others. Does that sound like anyone you know?!

I've been hearing reports of UFO's, progress made, new projects slipped in and lots of willingness to find a little something bright and spring-like to work on until the weather decides to be serious about improving.

This new grouping from Windham Fabrics is called Prairie Crossing.

This lovely new book from Carol Hopkins has a wonderful collection of small quilt patterns in traditional block designs. It's definitely worth taking a look if you haven't already! We've carried patterns by this artist, and have several designs hanging in the shop.
The Prairie Women Sewing Circle group meets this Tuesday. Stay tuned for an update on all the great projects that this group has been working on- we'll post pictures soon!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Ready for Spring!

Time for a new pincushion! This month it's all about hats. Brightly colored hats, dark and elegant hats, you name it...don't you just love the April pincushion? We've called it 'Too Many Hats' and the pattern comes from a company called The Quilted Fish. We did two colorways; one in modern white and grey with feathers for embellishment; and a second in a darker, more subdued combination of black and brown, with vintage bead millinary findings to decorate. Kits coming shortly!

Remember how we mentioned ruffle fabric on the last post? Here are some samples- how cute did they turn out?!? Perfect for this *lovely* weather we've been having (it's so hit or miss, but we have had a couple of days of sunshine). This scarf shows off vertical ruffles rather than horizontal, and I think it displays the pattern so beautifully, don't you agree?

We've gotten a lot of comments and exclamations over the sparkly Peeps fabric- here are some fresh ideas on how to use it, just before Easter! A fabric basket, a treat sack, or a super-simple bookmark (that's a relatively new book that's showing off the bookmark, it has some really cute ideas!). These could be perfect for last minute basket stuffers...

Just a reminder, we'll be closed for Easter Sunday. Hoping for good, sunny egg-hunting weather! Or chocolate easter eggs...

Happy Stitching!