Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As some of you have already heard...we are missing a few things, and we would love to see our samples back at the store.  Please help us by keeping an eye out for our stuff!!!  We've had a sharp increase in theft - store samples, display items and merchandise have all gone missing...this poster shows a few of the items.  
And moving a challenge for you?  Are you ready for another something scrappy and just a teensy bit smaller?!  Here's the first clue, a few 3 inch star blocks and you'll be off to a good start!

This little quilt finishes at 25.5 x 28.5, and includes 3 inch and 1.5 inch blocks.  The pattern, is Laura's 1870 Cradle Quilt by Quilts Remembered  Hopefully you had a chance to see some of the other quilts we recently featured by this pattern maker.  We still have the fabulous Four Score, large cheddar version on display for another week, so stop by soon to take a peek at that one!  Anyway...we're offering starter packs of scraps and the pattern, sprinkling in a few more incentives and deadlines to keep you on track, and then we'll have another little show in November.  We built in plenty of time - just in case you have a few too many projects in the works, like most of us!

This challenge features scrappy and small and of course, our favorite 1800's reproduction fabrics...and if this is just a bit too small for you, we're working on another civil war sampler project that will feature 9 inch blocks and a bigger quilt - so we'll have some other options available soon if this isn't your cup of T.

Spring is really here to stay this time we think - so take a break from the yard work and stop by to see some great new fabrics!  The spring issue of Quilt Sampler magazine is here, as well as the latest issue of Primitive Quilts...and we have Sue Spargo's Creative Stitching booklet too!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15 and after

Well, tax day for some of us...has come and gone.  Baseball season has started, we continue to have snow, but the trees are in bloom and the pollen is dusting a fine powder on everything.  Does that sum it up pretty well?!   I'm not sure how the tulips in the Skagit Valley are handling all this but, the bouquet I have inside is holding up pretty well!  

We took the small challenge quilts down (see our last post for more details), and include individual pictures of our top 3 vote recipients...We loved all the quilts for different reasons, and it was amazing to see the variety and influence color choices and value placement can make.  

Sylvia Owens
Donna Barwish

Donna Bybee

We'll have a blog update soon with details about our next challenge project...something smaller, and in May something a bit bigger.  As always though, a focus on 1800's reproduction fabrics - hope you decide to join in the fun either or both of those projects.  We have the details for Laura's 1870 Cradle quilt by Quilts Remembered available in
the store now.

We have several new lines of bright fabrics, contemporary and novelty bright prints - Lucky Penny, Frippery, In Plain Sight, Socky....and some great new oil cloth prints (our most recent additions are shown below) perfect for a patio table, seat cushion or grocery bag...(oil cloth is sturdier than laminate or the flimsy interfacing style bags out there, and all it takes is a quick wipe down to clean!)

We also have some new extra wide quilt backs - mostly traditional styles perfect for your reproduction quilts so it might be a good time to plan ahead and check those out while we have a selection to choose from.  The photo below includes some of the latest group Townhouse Gardens by Paula Barnes - nice and dull ...but some great prints and some new motifs as well.  We love the variety of styles that Paula designs...maybe you saw the recent interview with her in Quiltmania magazine?

Townhouse Gardens
We still have room in the Gypsy Bag class coming up next Saturday, and the scrap lecture on Thursday the 25th, so call or stop by if you are ready to join us!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Challenge Quilts and more!

With all the great weather last week I know a few of you left the sewing room and stepped into the garden...So we were careful to make sure our pincushion resembles a tropical snail and not anything polka dotted you may find in your yard!  Escargot pattern by Sewn into the Fabric, we've featured a couple of other designs by this company in the past and like them quite a bit!

Four-score by Quilts Remembered
Can you believe this gorgeous slice of cheddar?!  We have this beauty on display for a short time so don't miss a chance to come by and see it in person... Yummy!

And last but not least - can you believe the creativity and response to our civil war sampler challenge?  Great job friends of 2T we love what you did and so appreciate your participation and generosity in sharing your quilts!  It's a great show so stop by and admire these beauties if you can!  For those of you who missed out - all these quilts started from the same pattern... Carol Hopkins Civil War Sampler a few scraps!  

Thanks to one of our participants and her son...and Jan for making these photos of the sampler quilts possible.  It really does take a village sometimes!

Happy stitching!