Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Scraps and Half-Square Triangle Exchange

New year, new projects right?  The only problem with that idea is that we all have TOO MANY ideas, unfinished projects and wish lists...not too mention left over bits!  We have some options that will help you absorb all of those leftover parts and loose ends...This is one way to revitalize some of your scrappy Civil War reproduction fabric bits - or equally stunning in batiks or whatever your stash produces!

 The project is called Second Hand Clothes and the pattern is designed by Red Crinoline Quilts. The version pictured on the pattern cover is a big one...85" x 93", but our version pictured below is a nice throw size about 52" x 68". This is one of those patterns that lends itself perfectly to size adjustments, and as scrappy as you want to go. You can easily build these units over time, in between other projects...or all at once in a scrap and go fashion. And for those of you who are out of scraps, or just like ours better....we have some 'sticks' and fat quarter bundles that are just perfect for this project.

One of the great things about scrappy projects is that there is often little planning necessary - no need to panic if you run out of fabric and need to substitute - because that's the point!  And in the end you are left with a gorgeous quilt and a sigh of relief that you've made some room for new fabric?  This project is straight seams, perfect for easy piecing while you visit with friends at a retreat - and the pattern is fat quarter friendly or pieces 9x11 (our sticks include 12 different fabrics) will do the trick!   

2nd Hand Clothes
Sticks and Bundles
We've opted to host another Half-Square triangle exchange...April 1st, so get to work on those triangles!  Maybe you participated previously and are ready to add to your collection or just need some more variety - OR - if you are just catching up with us and want to participate this round, here's the scoop:
Sew up your civil war scraps and trade them for others! This program is based on what Edyta Sitar describes in her book Friendship Triangles, pictured below. The idea: purchase our premade 'cinnamon sticks' containing special half square triangle paper and scrappy Civil War era fabrics, add your own fabrics to make a second batch, and make up as many half square triangle units as you'd like to trade.  Each sheet of paper makes 28 units.  You can also buy a pack of the paper and create solely from your own stash.  These are the 2 inch finished size - and the only restriction is that the fabric needs to be 1800's reproduction fabrics.  

Then, April 15th, we'll make the exchange of half-square triangles and you'll come away with a bigger variety of half-squares and some possibilities for a start on a scrappy quilt. Get your triangles turned in by the 1st of April if you want to participate.  We've got a few cinnamon sticks all ready to go and will be adding more next week!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trunk Shows Galore

We will have a few treasures on view over the coming months - mark your calendars now so you can make time to see these in person.  We'll have a few samples from Quilts Remembered March 12th - March 24th, we have a few of the patterns available right now, and more will be available during the show.  You can check out more of Annemarie's work on the Quilts Remembered website and while you're at it you can check out her blog happenings.

We have two samples on display right now for Primitive Patchworks, and a few of Nancy's patterns are currently available.  We will have more patterns and samples to view beginning February 9th through March 9th.  These projects combine piecing and applique and work well with a bit of stitchery and wool added to the project.  Most of the projects are small quilts, but a few are larger wall hanging size.   

We apologize for the photo quality of some of these projects - we're working on better pictures and will update the blog as soon as we have them....but we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what is to come!

We hope you'll have a chance to visit the shop during these two exhibits...

And don't forget the Civil War Sampler challenge quilts will be featured March 20th through mid-April...and that show will feature work by our talented customers!  

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Progress Report

We have some talented and productive customers!  Look at this finished quilt from the recent Morris Meadows block of the month project we offered...I've seen one other finished top, so let this be an encouraging word for those of you still in process!  The colors are more vibrant in person and the details in the applique work are not for the faint of heart.  Congratulations!
Completed Customer Quilt!
While you may have been busy with holiday celebrations, traveling to exotic destinations and enjoying quality sewing time....we were buried in fabric!  Follow this little series of pictures - and you'll  only see the same piece of fabric a couple of times...

Why is this lady still smiling?
We are celebrating SCRAPS in 2013...and we have some great ideas to help you get your leftovers under control.  And as you can see, the pictures above give you a HINT of the depth of our experience with this type of situation.  Sign up for one of our "Scrapping it Up" lectures in February and we will load you up with great ideas, to help you manage and store and USE those sraps up.  We'll be featuring sticks and bricks and a variety of projects and construction methods ranging from specific patterns, to grab and sew!  Come join the fun and and you can stop hibernating under your scrap pile!

Scrapping it Up!  Lecture with Leslie
Tuesday February 12th   OR   Saturday February 23rd 
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost $10.00

We'll be sharing some of our projects and progress so watch our blog for updates!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Warming up to January

Calendars have been refreshed and daily schedules are settling back to 'normal', which may mean more or less quilting time for some of us, but I am happy to have the New Year underway....lots of goals to be more organized, plan ahead, have more time to sew, etc.  Sound familiar?!

Here is our 'pincushion' for January.  It is a wool needle case and I can't claim much creativity on this one as I pretty much liked it as designed (by Crabapple Hill  It has a great vintage pearl button combined with a few beads and stitchery to add some fun.  We are delayed with our pattern shipment, so don't rush in and we'll have them next week!!  (Or, we can reserve one for you too just send us a quick email).    We plan to offer a kit with all the trimmings or the pattern alone.
Janette Needlecase
We are busy restocking shelves and making Christmas disappear - but wow do we have lots of red and white and hearts all over!  Not to mention some great new brights; orange, gold...royal blue and kelly green...a few kids prints - Les Amis by Michael Miller and a fun whale and fishing boat print.  I have some new candy too, in case you're thinking of your stitching sweetheart already - beautiful french needle sampler packs and thread cards by Sajou.  These are a treat!

25th Anniversary Judie Rothermel 
And the latest civil war reproductions, a few odds and ends from the Tavern Collection by Paula Barnes, and ten bolts from the Judie Rothermel 25th anniversary collection (26 pieces in all).  

Enjoy the rain and finish a project or two, then stop by and stock up on some of latest treasures... 

P.S.  We have seen our first completed Civil War Sampler pressure, you've got til March to get those quilts all finished! 

Happy Stitching