Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cherry Lemonade projects

Who couldn't use a bit of cherry (pronounce that cheery if you want to!!) for their lemonade these days?!

We still have a couple of kits available if you want a bright and cheerful project to work on - perhaps you have a bit more time on your hands than you anticipated?  This quilt finishes at 80 x101.5 and the kit includes the pattern and fabric for the quilt top and binding.  You can participate either through 5 monthly installments of fabric OR you can get the kit ready to go and complete at your own pace.  This project could easily be modified into 2 smaller quilts if that's more your style!

We've got some fat quarter bundles of this collection ready to go, as well as yardage of some of the fabrics if there is a print that you especially like.   Give us a call at the shop 360 715 1629!

These colorful prints make a nice set of potholders too!  Six fat quarters can mix and match for a kitchen refresh or prepare yourself with a great hostess gift when social activities resume.  Thank you Deana for getting these stitched up in no time...along with a couple hundred fabric masks!! You sew girl!!

We have this great pattern featured above along with a fat quarter bundle and thinsulate batting - that will get you started!  There are also some great free patterns - this one from TheSewingDirectory.co.uk is great for strips and scraps!

Here are some other fun fabric combinations that would stitch up into some great kitchen aprons, napkins or potholders?  Do you have a favorite go to pattern for kitchen accessories?

Rain or Shine

Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 30, 2020

New Batiks and Fabric Masks

If you're still making fabric masks, batiks are a great choice due to the higher thread count and denser weave of these fabrics.  Here are some of the latest arrivals we've placed on the shelves.  The Whatcom Unified Command Center is the best place to make your mask donations at this time.  Here is the latest information that I could locate - please contact them for details and donation specifics.  Of course - make some for your friends and family, grocery store clerks and delivery drivers!

The shop is available for telephone orders from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday -
360 715 1629  or you can shop online through our website.  

Enjoy some bright colors, a new project or finish a UFO...it's a great time to have a sewing hobby!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Mask Drop Off Today 3/28/20

The mask drop-off bin and pipe-cleaner bundles will be out in front of the shop between 10:00am and 2:00pm today!  The next available day will be Tuesday 3/31/20.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed, I have seen several of you through the window...and a few of you I've missed!  There are some very appreciative recipients - who are grateful for your time, generosity and skill!  Don't hesitate to offer the ones you make to your local postal worker, grocery store clerk, emergency responders...whomever is in your circle that may have donated their masks or perhaps is on the front lines in a non-medical field.

And now, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming?

Temporary Store Hours
10:00 am - 2:00pm
Tuesday through Saturday

360 715 1629

Please call to place a phone order, or you can check our website and order online.  If you need some personal shopping, let's set up an appointment and try photos & email or facetime shopping!  Gift card purchases are also easy to accomplish over the phone or online.  Thank you everyone for your support - all your local favorite businesses cannot do this without you!

We hope you check out our posts on Instagram as well - wearing all the hats is not my best skill, especially those involving technology so I'm working on it!  

Luckily I have some great team players who although currently unemployed, have still come up with some great projects to help inspire and motivate you all!  

Besides whipping up a few dozen masks with the help of some child labor (Thanks Ada!),  Kami has managed to motivate her kids into doing some pillowcase sewing and found time for a fabulous bag for herself too!  I have the fabric combination she chose stuck in my head now and think it's fabulous!  We have some other heavier weight linen and cotton blends too that would make an awesome Crescent Tote or other favorite pattern you like - what do you think?!

Let me know if you need a little something!  Stay healthy and stay home!  

Friday, March 27, 2020

Mask Drop-Off today 3/27

The drop-off bin is out, and there are pipe-cleaner bundles to pick up if you need some.  Please refer to previous post for alternate drop locations and mask making instructions.  We will be sending our bin to the Whatcom Unified Command center too!

Please know that your sewing contribution is much appreciated and thank you to those that have purchased mask making materials!!

First there was one, then there was more and more....thanks SEW much the 2nd batch of several dozen have been delivered to hospital staff.  Thank you!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mask Drop-Off Today 3/26/20

It's Thursday for those of you keeping track!

The drop-off bin is out until 2pm today!

I've put out some bundles of pipe cleaners if you need some please grab a bundle!

The latest information in terms of local requests - is yes, keep making fabric face masks.  The post from 3/25/20 includes a specific pattern reference that is encouraged but ANY that you are making are welcome (see previous posts).

For alternative drop off locations:
  • Family Care Network Administrative Office on Orchard Street
  • Whatcom Unified Command Center please contact them for any questions and for more information and ongoing updates. https://whatcomcovid.com
DROP OFF TIMES are limited to 4PM to 6PM every day from Monday March 23rd to Sunday March 29th.
  • PLACE YOU DONATION IN YOUR TRUNK. Do not exit your vehicle, a volunteer will remove the items.
    The drop off location is 4233 Guide Meridian, Suite 101, Bellingham (just south west of the intersection of Guide Meriden and Kellogg).
For the remainder of this week, through Sunday, March 29thWUC DROP OFF TIMES are limited to 4PM to 6PM every day.  This schedule will change as needs increase or decrease.  Questions can be directed via email toWUC_Donations@co.whatcom.wa.us or online at www.whatcomcovid.org.  Dropping PPE supplies off is permitted under the exception provisions of the governor’s "Stay At Home" proclamation.

In other news:
At this time, I will be here from 10-2 to process online transactions and maintain some essential business activities.  We're operating with no contact for pre-paid orders so call upon arrival and wait in your car...I'll be out to put your package in our pick up bin and you can then retrieve it.  We are also posting orders if we're not on your exercise and essential errand route!  Please check our website too - we're adding more items as fast as we can make it happen!

Or, I can be your personal shopper - call between 10am -2pm and we'll round up what you need.  If the line is busy, please leave a message or try again...one person and all the hats!  New items will also will be updated on our blog posts (we'll be double posting with mask updates and fun stuff!).

Stay home and sew!! It's the perfect excuse we've all been preparing for.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mask Drop-Off today 3/25/20

The Bin is out from 10-2 or a bit later today if you can walk or ride...please drop some by!

The group at St. Joe's that I am working with still needs more masks.  If they end up with excess they will redistribute to additional groups.  In addition as of this morning - the hospital says YES!  There can't be too many masks at this point - use these details if you have not already started production.  This is preferred - but not required!!  ANY mask is welcome and they do need multiple sizes (those to fit over other masks and those that will stand alone in less critical areas).

This From Peace Health:
Hand-sewn Face Masks for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Bellingham
Please watch this video:
Key Features:
--Tight woven cotton, two layers
--Pocket to insert a replaceable filter
-- Not shown in this video, but easy to add: Bendable wire sewn into the top seam to create best seal around nose (example floral wire, plastic coated bread tie, etc 
– must be able to survive laundering 20-30 times)
--fasteners to hold mask in place can be made from elastic straps for ears, as shown in the video. If no elastic available, strips of cloth bias or strong washable ribbon can be sewn to all four corners.

Tips:  if you have narrow wire edged ribbon trim that works well in lieu of a pipecleaner - you can top stitch it on or do the insert either way!

Tips:  knit ties are a great option - no raveling to worry about and a bit more adjustability to the fit.  check this out https://www.madeeveryday.com

Here are specifics about the alternate drop at the Whatcom Unified Command Center:
Here are the details about how to drop-off donations:
  • Donations can be dropped off during the work week BEGINNING TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the Grabow Therapy and Wellness Center located on the hospital campus at 3217 Squalicum Parkway, Bellingham, WA 98225.
  • Place your items to be donated in the trunk/back hatch of your vehicle. Do not exit your vehicle. A PeaceHealth caregiver will remove the items and place them in our donation bins.
  • If you have more than 100 of any item, please take your items to the drop-off location for the Whatcom County Unified Command Center, 4233 Guide Meridian, Suite 101. You can contact Rud Browne, Donation Branch Director for Whatcom County at WUC_Donations@co.whatcom.wa.us with any questions.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Mask Drop-Off Today Monday 3/23

If you have masks ready to drop today, please do so...the Drop-off Bin is out until 4pm....I believe our time is limited to be out and about, so watch for updates here if we have to make a new plan!!

Our first delivery of a few dozen went out yesterday...thank you SEW much!

Stay Home except to drop-off masks!

St Joeseph's staff has updated me with some feedback on our first delivery...first off 
They are going to need more and a lot of them as all staff is now wearing masks...all day.  

  • Ties are fine, elastic is not required!
  • Leaving that pocket opening is best - they are going to have filter inserts
  • A pipe cleaner, or other wire insert at the top edge really makes the difference - if you can do this please do add that feature.  
  • If you can add that 3rd layer - interfacing or densely woven material.
  • I've updated my original post with some more specific tutorials that meet this criteria.  
Offer a mask to your grocery store clerk, your USPS delivery person...these are better than nothing and won't hurt anyone!

If you need a batik fabric and interfacing set up for making these, phone us and leave a message!!
360 715 1629

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The New Normal Day 3 / Mask requests

Greetings Local Sewists....there is a lot of information out there and it is ALL over the place!  For US, TODAY there is a request for fabric masks...no they are not the same protection as medical grade masks but they are better than nothing, can be used in conjunction with other PPE and will be used by others in less exposed situations and perhaps in non-medical fields that can't get masks or have donated their supply of masks and don't require the same level of PPE.

So, in an effort to direct our efforts to where we can start to help - we are offering a drop off bin outside our front door (It will be there during our modified hours* of 10am - 2pm from Tuesday through Saturday).   *We are closed to the public, but will provide curbside pick up for phone/online orders.  

Please drop your donations off without any packaging - directly into the bin.  We are currently working with St. Joseph's hospital staff who will retrieve them - laundering will commence and they will be placed into service.  THANK YOU!

Here is what to do:
  • Do what works best for you as I have been assured that for now, anything is welcome....and needed.  
  • Please pre-wash your fabrics, to provide for shrinkage and dye loss. These will be laundered in harsher conditions than our typical household laundry so a little pre-care is a good idea.  
  • Elastic or fabric ties...we are out of elastic and we've been told elastic won't hold up to the sterilizing process for long so fabric ties are fine too!  
  • If you can leave a pocket opening for a layer of fabric to be inserted - that is ideal.  They are trying to source a filtration layer and will do that if we leave an opening. 
  • Please use multiple layers.  A 3rd inner layer is preferred - interfacing, something densely woven for example - batiks are great options!
The videos and tutorials I have linked to here, are simple rectangles and don't require a specific shaped template piece.  I referred to @spontaneousthreads IG post for dimensions and this youtube video that I don't understand it but visually it works!  
  • Ties are 2 pieces cut 2inch x 34 inch (I think about 28 inches is better)
  • Mask pieces are 3 layers of 8inch x 10.5 inch Update:  this is a large mask...other pattern designs call for smaller cuts which might fit more people 6 x 9 seems about right. 
  • If you have the skill / ability to insert the wire or twist tie at one edge as seen in some examples that is a bonus!  

Another option:  this gives great tutorial layout for either ties or elastic!  Thanks Cheryl!

And here is one that provides for the sleeve/pocket:
easy to sew how to make a face mask

This one includes examples of the wire edge:

Another Option:
Deaconess - How to make a Face Mask
How to make a Face Mask We are welcoming fabric masks from our community as we prepare for COVID-19. Thank you so much for your interest and care.

Of course - should you be in need of fabric...we're happy to select some items for you and have a kit ready and waiting for you to pick up!

Please let us know if you have any questions about what to do!!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

The New Normal Day 2

Get your pre-cuts!!  Get your pre-cuts!  Sounds like something you'd hear at the ball field right?  Except you're home, sequestered in your sewing space with any luck!

We found this versatile pattern for pre-cuts from the Moda bakeshop and it's a perfect go-to pattern as it includes multiple size options for ten-inch, five-inch and 2.5-inch precuts!  Just add some yardage of a background or neutral that will show off your pre-cuts.  Of course - if you really are home alone with your stash, you could make your own precuts too.

If you want a big quilt...start with ten-inch squares (aka layer cake)....Here are a few of our ten-inch square options currently in stock.

Midsommar designed by Pippa Shaw for FIGO

Ten-inch Squares

Another option for precuts shown in the photo above is to use foundation paper and then you can create a variety of block layouts.  We've got foundation papers for cake mix and cupcake mix - that means ten-inch and five-inch squares in fabric lingo.

Let the sewing begin!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The New Normal

So...a brick and mortar shop that is closed to the public...isn't really part of the business model!  We're figuring out our new normal and trying to find our way along with everyone else.  Kids home from school is just the tip of the iceberg or for some of us the tipping point of the iceberg?!  

We are planning to ramp up our website, increase our instagram postings and start offering more flash sales on our yardsale instagram account.  Social media to the rescue!  We know that you may have some projects in the works that may still need a finishing touch or you may be ready and in need of an inspiration boost and we'll try to provide that too!  Right now, a sewing hobby could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.  

Watch here on the blog for our most current information and we'll try to keep you up to date with our evolving plans.  We have limited staff and resources and a few fires to address so we appreciate your patience, engagement and support more than ever!  One thing for sure - the fabric deliveries are still arriving and here are some of the most recent additions.  

Call the shop between 10am-2pm Tuesday - Saturday
send us an email info@twothimbles.com

New Arrivals!

Tula Pink

May Morris Charms

May Morris

Maywood Studio by Christina Cameli

Andover by Laundry Basket

Super Bloom Jelly Rolls
Edyta Sitar
Super Bloom 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Two Thimbles State of Business 3/17/20

Temporary Closure of Retail Store

We are joining other businesses in the community and have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the shop effective today to help limit exposure and reduce the spread of COVID-19.  

We will be at the shop for limited hours to process orders and accept shipments.  As of now we plan to be available at the shop for order pickup between 

10am to 2pm Tuesday through Saturday

We will post updates here and on @twothimblesquiltshop    

We have cancelled all class and group activities here at the shop through the first of April - and will address activities beyond that date when we know more.    We are reaching out to each of our groups - so if you haven't heard from us directly yet, you can expect an email in the next few days.  It already appears overly optimistic that April will be back to business as usual but the alternative is too much to envision at the moment.    

Conversation Prints by Max & Louise

Lancaster - charmpacks available!

Please take this time to limit any non-essential activities and spend some quality time in your sewing space... if you are in search of something specific or need a new project - we are available to help you shop over the phone or with emailed photos and we will be test-driving some facetime shopping options later this week.  At this time we will deliver your purchases to your car or pop them in the USPS - we plan to be at the shop for reduced hours over the next two weeks and are grateful for your purchases during this challenging time.  
1 yard Panel

Zoo Keeper Digital

Chelsea Garden 
Our website is open 24/7 and although we do not have the majority of our items available online - we do have some great choices!  

Also - any items you have seen showcased in our recent blogposts can be purchased over the phone or via email, and we can offer paypal invoicing.  If you are part of our mailing list we can review your purchase history to help direct new requests as well. 


We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and we look forward with great anticipation for the opportunities to reunite with our sewcial community soon.   

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

What's new!

Of course - there's always new fabric...and occasionally we make progress on a few samples too...sometimes they have been on the cutting or sewing table for longer than others - if you know what I mean!

Here's a fun small throw size quilt in some contemporary batiks - we've got some kits made up or you can choose your own fabrics - it only takes 7!  This is one of the pattern cards from Villa Rosa "Smudge"....there's also another version of this quilt pattern - a smaller baby size quilt that would be great in some fun geometric prints for a new arrival!

Smudge in Batiks

We've also whipped up a spring scarf in floral lawn prints - this is a fun patchwork project using Judy Newman's "Sonia Scarf" pattern.  This fun cotton trim is included in our kits and we have a couple of color options too!  The kits are adequate for 2 scarves, so if you have deserving friend this might be just the spring wardrobe refresher you're looking for!   We had fun adding some extra embellishing stitches to this project too - a great excuse to play with fabric and thread!  We have also stocked Judy's "Dilly Bag" pattern - a fun bag to make and use all your favorite scraps and a chance for embellishing too!

Sonia Scarf in floral lawns
Scarf embellishment

Sonia Scarf in floral lawns

Our shelves are stocked with a wide range of Grunge basics - we added some softer tones for spring and couldn't resist some bold additions as well.

Textures and neutrals are popular - and we're adding more toweling to our offerings along with these new Boro Foundation fabrics from Moda ...a great combination for mixing together with towelings and now we need to settle on which project for our next store sample from the new book by Janelle Kent of Pieces to Treasure.  We have enjoyed all of the individual patterns we've tried so far and have a few options on display in the shop.  These are great projects to make as gifts or treat yourself to something fun!  

Boro Foundations