Friday, June 3, 2016

Stitch Panel Challenge

Well...some of these need a closer inspection so stop by in June to see some of the details and get inspired to use up a panel!  We have a couple of stitch panels left for purchase, but these ideas just may get you inspired to use some orphan blocks and panel fabrics you have been storing too.  

We opted to make a sewing machine cover that doubles as a table mat with pockets for your gadgets.  This was fun to put together although I recommend you do some measuring and planning before you start know, paint yourself into the corner right?!   

2T Version
Here  are a few wall hangings that combine different blocks and panel sections - alot of possibilities when you start with black and white.  You can change up the style, flavor and mix and match in so many ways!  

Linda's Dresses

Leslie's Go Sew 

Suz's Alphabet
Some of the entries combine embellishing techniques and fun combinations - and one tote that serves a useful purpose....big enough to hold 50 fat quarters.  Now why would someone need to know that do you think?
Sheri's Garden

Sheri's Tote
Thanks so much for those of you who joined the fun, we appreciate your generous contributions of time and thought that went into your pieces, and for making a great display for us!

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  1. Love the little quilts! Very creative ideas with the panel fabric.