Thursday, October 24, 2019

Reuse and reduce!

After all our sewing and stitching projects, once our thread has run out....what to do with empty cones and spools? All that waste can beg the question, how can we find ways to be more eco-friendly? 

Well, Superior Threads went ahead and answered our question! In a recent blog post, they share different ways to reuse spools and cones. 

Some of our favorites are:
  • Reusing empty thread cones by wrapping your binding around a cone! 
  • Repurposing them to be Christmas decorations! 
For more tips, visit their website here

For quilters who are trying to be more eco-friendly in their sewing practices, Two Thimbles does carry YLI quilting thread, typically used for hand quilting, that comes on a wooden spool.  

Another thread favorite, Aurifil is taking measures to be an environmentally conscious company. They have partnered with an organization whose main objective is to eliminate plastic in our oceans. Though their spools and cones are still plastic based, Aurifil is taking measures to help eliminate their plastic use! To learn more about their efforts, visit their website here

We recycle plastic wrap that encloses new fabric bolts shipped from several companies as well as the empty cardboard bolts.  We'd like to see more fabric companies skip the plastic wrap - one of our points to bring up at quilt market this year in Houston when I mingle with fabric reps and company owners!  

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