Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Three Yard Quilts

Some of our favorite quilts are simple, 3-yard quilt projects. A great beginning quilt for new quilters, or a refreshing project after a long and detailed quilt. This project can be whatever you want it to be! We have curated combinations ready to go, or come in and pick three of your favorite fabrics. Its versatility allows for mixing and matching - a variety of pattern designs and only 3 fabrics, mean you won't get overwhelmed making decisions.   

Along with our curated bundles, we have several patterns that work specifically with 3 yard quilts.  These projects are great for stash busting too if you have some feature fabric cuts - all you need is a couple of supporting fabrics.  Below are two pattern options that we have in stock! 

Boxes and Bows
Pattern by Donna Robertson for Fabric Cafe 

Stepping Stones 
Pattern by Donna Robertson for Fabric Cafe

If you need a quick gift, or want to want to add a splash of something new to your holiday decor - these are great options and are well suited in size to quilting at home on a domestic machine.  You can get these accomplished and start enjoying them right away!  

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